Today I had the chance to walk around this 2002 Glendale Titanium 24E29 to check it out. At first glance, the exterior of this Fifth Wheel was really well designed and modern looking even thought is a 2002. It has one slider on the drivers side that contains the sofa / slide out bed. Walking around to the passenger side of the 24E29, the door is located right in the middle of the RV and has an awning covering it. 

The interior of the Glendale Titanium 24E29 looks pretty dated compared to some of the newer Fifth Wheels for sale, but it did have some features that I liked. One aspect that I really liked was the oak entertaiment center across from the coach. I thought that it looked really nice and had good placement so that you can see it from everywhere in the RV. I thought that the countertop space was small and didn't like that the fridge was located on the opposite side of the kitchen. It kind of stuck out like a soar thumb. 

I liked that it had wood floors, but didn't like that Glendale cut it off in a diagonal method as you can see in the layout image below. 


Have you been inside the 2002 Glendale Titanium 24E29 Before? What are your thoughts on it? Write your thoughts below. 

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