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How to De-Winterize Your Colorado RV

Here is a great list for how you should approach getting your RV reading for this coming season. This can be a record, not really a how-to for directions regarding how to do these steps, consult the unit's owner manual or perhaps local Colorado RV Dealers.


  1. Flush the machine associated with a non-toxic RV antifreeze (follow manufacturer's directions)
  2. Go ahead and take hot water heater from bypass mode
  3. Re-install water filters that might have been removed
  4. Sanitize water system if preferred
  5. Pressurize the machine and appearance for leaks (remember the bathroom .)

A great project for the very first nice day's spring. There are numerous other tips for getting your rv ready for this season, but these tips should give you a great start!

  1. Remove any protective covers within the unit or individuals placed over vents to help keep out bugs and rats
  2. Clean the outside completely
  3. Inspect sections for damage
  4. Examine roof and the body seams, door and window closes and reseal if required
  5. Inspect the awning for damage, mildew and bugs clean as needed.
  6. Inspect the tires inflate to suggested cold pressure.
  7. Lubricate hinges, locks along with other moving parts
  8. Check and obvious any mouse or insect traps
  9. Open exterior chambers check closes, search for damage from rodents, bugs, or water


Does your RV have black marks from leaking closes? RV stores carry items particularly made to make removal easy.


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