Mycology in Colorado

As the beautiful summer months descend upon us lucky Coloradoans, I want to write about one of Colorado's most fun, if rather unknown, summer outdoor activities. Mushroom hunting! It may sound odd, but it is actually a ton of fun, and is easy for people of all ages to participate in. The best times for mushroom hunting are when the snows start to melt and when the summer rains kick in, so now is the time to get ready for awesome summer fun!


The Colorado Mycological Society (found here) puts on forays for mushrooms every weekend, and the yearly dues for a whole family are really inexpensive. When you go on forays with the Society, you join up with a big group of fellow mushroom hunters, and you are provided with a knowledgeable and informative leader. The forays are an all day event, and the Society suggests you should bring the following items to get the most out of your hunt:

*basket or mesh bag (plastic baggies will rot the mushrooms too quickly)

*wax paper or wax bags to keep your mushrooms seperate

*a sturdy knife attached to your person by lanyard (knives get lost surprisingly often)

*a soft brush like a paint brush to get dirt and insects off of your treasures

*small trowel or scoop

*magnifying glass

*whistle (just in case!)


*mushroom key (the Society suggests getting a copy of Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora)


If you want to go out and explore Colorado's diverse mushroom population on your own, please purchase a mushroom identification book first. I can not stress that enough. That $25 book may save you hundreds of dollars in medical bills later from accidentally ingesting a toxic mushroom. The Colorado Mycological Society actually has a wonderful article on where to find tasty mushrooms (found here). You would be surprised how close to home many of these delicious specimens grow!

As you get deeper into the mushroom culture, you will find that many mycologists have big campouts in their favorite locations. This is a great way to make RVing friends, and a unit like this Freedom Express model would be perfect for inviting all your new friends in at night and sauteeing and frying up all your tasty treasures from the day!

If you would like any additional information on the Colorado Mycological Society, mushroom hunting in general, or which RV would give you the most kitchen and living space for your forays, please feel free to give me a call or email!



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