Plan What Could Be Your Best Camping Trip EVER! "Camp Treasure Chest!"

Hey Camping friends!  It might be cold and snowy TODAY, but that doesn't mean you can't crack a mysterious poem around the fire with a warm mug of frothy, hot cocoa to PLAN for what could be your BEST CAMPING TRIP EVER! 

Have I got something for you and yours to gather and ponder about before you even begin to set-off!  Remember, I love camping so much...I made it my full-time life for ten years! 

Yep it's true!  Included in my adventures is I went "a' treasure huntin'!"  However silly to admit, it was some of the funnest and most adventuresome days of the summer!  And a lot more exciting then hanging out in a big boring house in Aspen, of which keys I had been given (sorry Mr. Montgomery if you are reading this ;-).

I had learned of this  "hidden treasure" by a grown-up, indeed, who blushing and excited after a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains sheepishly admitted he had been searching for Forrest Fenn's Treasure! 

Well if one grown-up could get a Thrill --so could another!  After all, the pirate hunting kid inside some of us will never vacate!  

Besides, some of us have a real obsession for maps!  While others of us love digging in the earth, or messing around with metal detectors!  ...and some of us even prefer hitching 4WD Jeep rides after walking in the highest lush-valleys ;-).

For certain almost none of us don't get exhilarated by exploring and tromping about on the most beautiful places on earth!  
So now I leave you with only this much more: a cryptic poem that carries 9 cluesthat, when solved, will lead you right to our treasure!  

I  promise, it won't hurt your soul a bit to ponder over the mysterious stanzas with your best'ies around a warm hearth.  Right?

When your mug is empty but you're still curious for more, a few comforting clues were added later that the art dealer gave away after a few daring souls were lost! 

1. Don't go where an old man wouldn't go --thus you may hunt for it while wearing your Sunday finest. ;-)

The rest is up to your search engine and your imagination.  If solving mysteries is enticing, you just might enjoy this idea of planning for what could be your best camping trip EVER above 10,500 ft high in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains!  

Good luck and may all your camping trips be thrilling! 
Love, Lulu

hmmm "….below the home of brown" (is that code for Grizzly Bear?).  Have fun!  Bring me a gold trinket when you find it :-).

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