Tiny Homes or RV's?

Tiny home or RV?

Don’t get me wrong I love tiny homes, the tiny home movement, and what it stands for, but I just think RV’s are better. I love tiny homes not only because it reminds me of my own industry (which my family has been in for decades); but also because it is a protest to the outrageous prices of real estate in recent years. That being said I think tiny homes have developed too much attention for the same service that has been provided by the RV industry for decades. While tiny homes come across as “cute” and are said to feel “more like home” there is a hefty premium you pay for such luxury. The tumbleweed house company for instance prices its 163 square foot house, the “elm” at $66,000; and even their 400 square foot homes end up ranging from $79,000-$124,000 (http://www.forbes.com/sites/erincarlyle/2014/04/28/12-tricked-out-tiny-houses-and-why-they-cost-so-much/). By comparison, one of our couples coach travel trailers, the Coachmen Freedom Express Liberty Edition 322RLDS, comes in with over 250 square feet for $41,528. That’s over $24,000 less for 100 more square feet of space to live in. The case is even more similar with our fifth wheels. You can get yourself into a 400 square foot fifth wheel here for around $52,000 (if ordered), and we have a 327RE on its way slightly smaller for less money. Not to mention the deals we have for used items that come through the dealership; buying used can save you thousands. Another example is our 2001 challenger which comes in at just $15,995, and comes fitted with a washer dryer hook up on top of the standard creature comforts. RV’s themselves have sleek looks and the new ones are especially easy to clean.

Weight and mobility are other factors to consider. Tiny homes tend to weigh a lot more which means you need a far stronger vehicle to pull them. Going back to the elm house their 163 square foot house comes in weighing 8000 pounds dry (http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/products/elm) whereas our liberty edition weighs in at 7661 pounds with at least 100 more square feet! Our very well insulated I-GO 245 weighs closer to 5200 pounds and it still gives around 200 square feet. That is the difference between needing a half ton to tow and a ¾ ton, or even a one ton truck. So for the family, couple, or individual on the move, this is especially convenient for those retirees, or those whose jobs are always on the move. This of course changes if you go the motorized route. They do cost more than travel trailers and fifth wheels, but are arguably price comparable to tiny homes when you buy used. You also save with motorized by avoiding a truck purchase. This is not to say you need to go the truck route. If you live close by we also offer delivery service of your coach provided we are a reasonable distance to your final site, which is more unique to our business than the RV industry as a whole.

If you do live close by the new RV’s have warranties, and we can get you extended service contracts on the used. However in our area only we offer a mobile repair to our customers provided they are within a couple hours’ drive of us. So if you find yourself without a truck, living in your camper that we delivered, fear not we will come to you! On top of this and as you live the RV lifestyle you will find a culture that is friendly, helpful, and well established. The RV industry has been around for decades so there is decade’s worth of experience in the manufacturing, repair, and culture that comes along with RVing. A world of support and know how is out there!

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