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Tips for Summer

Summer is here! Maybe not "officially" (the summer solstice is Friday, June 21st this year) but it certainly feels official for us here in beautiful Northern Colorado. The sun is out consistently, the birds are singing, and it is just about time for all of us to come on out of our hibernation! So, I have compiled a list of traveling tips for all of my Coloradoan friends that are getting out there and exploring our beautiful state again!

Sunscreen: lather it on thick and often. We are more exposed to those harmful UV rays at our altitude, so get the high SPF and avoid those painful sunburns!


Sunglasses: these are especially important if you are boating as well as if you are hiking or biking near water. The last thing you need are sunburnt eyes while you trying to enjoy yourself outside. You don't need super-expensive shades by any means. Just look for a label on the lenses that says 99%-100% UV Protection (which is extremely common) or say 400nm of protection (that is the same as 100% protection).


Water: drink it. Drinks TONS of it. Especially when you are active outdoors. While you should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water on any given day, if you are hiking, biking, gardening, boating, etc. you should be drinking a full 16 ounces of water every hour. It may sound like a lot, but in all reality, 16 ounces is half the size of most reusable water bottles. 


Nutrient Rich Foods: snacks like almonds, organic granola bars, and organic trail mixes can help provide you with the energy you need to finish whatever task you have set out to do.


Rest: rest as often as necessary. Nothing ruins a nice day in the mountains faster than someone getting dizzy and potentially passing out. Most of the hikes in Northern Colorado have you going up in altitude rather quickly, and some of your lowlander friends may need some breaks. Make sure to rest as often as you need. There is no shame in sitting on a log, cooling your heels and catching your breath. 



So get out there, people! Be safe, protect yourself, and have some good old Colorado fun while you're at it! I want to see your pictures of your first adventures of the season, so please email them to me or tell me your summer stories in the comments!



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