FREE RV Generator December 2014


Throughout the month of December, Colorado Mountain RV will give away a Free Generator with the purchase of any New RV!  We will giving away a Ge...

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Tiny Homes or RV's?

Tiny home or RV? Don’t get me wrong I love tiny homes, the tiny home movement, and what it stands for, but I just think RV’s are better. I love tiny h...

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New Fort Collins RV Dealer Location

New Fort Collins RV Dealer Location

Colorado Mountain RV is proud to announce that we now have 2 locations! We still have the same great Windsor location, but we have added another conve...

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RV Holiday Santa Sale

2018 santa sale

From now till the end of the year or until supplies run out we are selling our coachmen freedom express 24SE's for $19,995 and our coachmen freedom ex...

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Spring is here, you know what that means....

Hi camping friends, Those of you who know me, know I love camping SO much I made it a huge part of my life for ten years! Well I'm getting excited bec...

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Plan What Could Be Your Best Camping Trip EVER! "Camp Treasure Chest!"

Hey Camping friends!  It might be cold and snowy TODAY, but that doesn't mean you can't crack a mysterious poem around the fire with a warm mug o...

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2020 Black Friday RV Dealer Sales

2014 Black Friday RV Dealer Sale

Colorado Mountain RV is putting on their first ever Black Friday RV Sale with wholesale pricing on 8 of their best RV's for Sale. This Black Friday Sa...

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Things You Watch Out For When Buying An RV

Things You Watch Out For When Buying An RV
what to watch out for when buying rv

It has recently come to my attention that many people who are just starting the process of buying their first RV do not know what to look for when try...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

rv dealer covid 19

Our service centers are open, and we are still able to work deals online and over the phone. Please email us at

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2018 Colorado RV Sports and Travel Show

2018 colorado rv sports travel show

The 2018 Colorado RV Sports and Travel Show is upon us. This is one of the largest show’s of the year, not only showcasing the latest and greatest in ...

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